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We love shooting weddings because we love telling stories of human connection. I’m sorry but I am totally that nostalgic person who loves looking at old black and white photos of my grandparents sitting on a porch when they were impossibly young and being transported back to that moment. More than just make you a bunch of pretty pictures – we want to give you something that will make you to remember how it actually felt to be there at your wedding, surrounded by your favorite people and making the promise to always love your best friend. Weddings are crazy :) we are there to make sure that you get to just be there and also get to have amazing images.

More than anything, we want you to be able to trust us enough to let us into your moments and capture them honestly – the beautiful and the messy, the fun and the tears.


You spend a lot of time with your us on your wedding day – we are there for it all! You want to make sure you like us and if you don’t – that’s ok. Whoever it is that’s there with you on your wedding should make you feel like you can be yourself. One of our favorite things about shooting weddings is blending into the environment that you have already so mindfully created – I am there for you. I have done everything from sewing a bridesmaid into her dress 10 minutes before the ceremony to signing as a witness. Every photographer sees and captures the world in their own way and finding someone who appreciates the details and focuses on what’s special to you is super important. I can’t wait to hear about you two as a couple – I am inspired by your story & creating photos that reflect who you are.


We work closely with our couples to come up with a timeline that fits their day and their needs. We love to shoot with natural & available light whenever possible – so it’s super important to factor in time of day to make the best of the yummiest light. We are also big believers in not wanting you to feel rushed – so we often get a lot of portraits done before the ceremony so you can actually attend your own cocktail hour! ;) We also love to steal you away around sunset because – well – we love golden glowy light and you should too.


Do you travel for weddings, events, engagements and editorial work?

“Yes! We love to travel and travel often for our work, it has brought us all over Maine and New England as well as Austin, TX, New York, Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Colorado, New Orleans, Ireland, France and the Virgin Islands. When traveling outside New England for events we usually require airfare, hotel accommodations and a rental car.

How would you describe your ‘style’ as a photographer?

This is such a tricky question. I have a background in fine art photography and have shot with film for most of my life until fairly recently. I love the look and color of film but the versatility of digital. I focus a lot on details and build a narrative with a ‘parts of the whole’ style. I’m a little photojournalism with a love of natural and available light, editorial and storytelling.

What are your rates?

Wedding coverage begins at $6000 and includes your high-resolution digital files and two photographers. Most of our clients invest around $6000 to $10,000 for full day weddings. We also shoot a lot of elopements and offer special pricing for them on weekdays, so reach out for a custom quote for what you need. We’re happy to send you our full pricing and info guide with tons of good info.

Do you shoot with another photographer?

Yes I do! I almost always shoot events with my husband Matt :) We love working together and feel like it is such an advantage to be a married couple photographing other couples getting married.  We’ve been there my friend! We love getting to know our couples and work closely with them throughout their day.

How long does it take to receive our images?

Delivery time will vary slightly on the time of year. images are delivered within 8-12 weeks of your event.

How do we book you?

I require a $3000 retainer to book your event. The balance is then due 30 days prior to the day of the event.

How do you take payment?

I accept credit cards, Paypal, cash or check.

Do you have insurance?

I do :) I have insurance on all my equipment as well as liability insurance.

Do you have backup gear?

Yes! I shoot with the best professional Canon equipment and have several backups for my cameras, lenses and flashes.